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A critical component of every dismantling or decommissioning project is the application of engineering principles in the successful execution of the work.

On projects including both new sites and partial sites being redeveloped for new or modified use, AED has access to the unique resource of Strenn Consulting, Inc., an in-house sister ACI company.

Strenn Consulting, Inc. is an industrial, structural and civil engineering consulting company that employs a highly integrated skilled technical staff experienced with new construction inspection, modifications, repairs and support services.

Strenn specializes in assessment and structural evaluation/inspection of existing facilities, crane structures/foundations, designs (including modifications and improvements to existing facilities,) utility relocation and the engineering design of new industrial and commercial buildings.

Allied Erecting & Dismantling and Strenn management work closely together to calculate, coordinate, plan and safely execute some of the nationís most complex and time-sensitive dismantling and decommissioning projects.

This relationship affords AED an unparalleled ability to avoid the need to use outside engineering firms to assist it in planning and executing complex dismantling projects.

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