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Specialized Dismantling Equipment

AED has assembled a state-of-the-art fleet of specially modified OEM equipment specifically designed for use in even the heaviest industrial environments.

This equipment includes:

- In excess of 650 major pieces of heavy equipment

- Equipment specifically designed to:
  • Access/Reach and remove difficult and complex structures
  • Rapidly process and recycle all types of material in large volumes
  • Handle and safely load large dimensional material
  • Remove salvageable items safely for re-use
  • Lift, control and load exceptionally heavy/difficult to remove components
  • Process and recycle all types of scrap metals
  • Process and recycle all forms of concrete

- AED is fully equipped to:
  • Deploy all personnel and equipment necessary to meet project demands
  • Rapidly mobilize/demobilize on-site equipment
  • Equip and man projects requiring around the clock operations
  • Engineer and perform complex rigging operations

AED is fully equipped to:
  • Fuel, service, and maintain on-site equipment
  • Supply and support extensive Torching and Cutting operations
  • Remove Underground tanks and storage containers
  • Transport materials to and from project site
  • Remove and relocate utilities

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