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Safety Programs

With relentless determination, AEDís industrial dismantling team has developed an exceptionally successful safety programs with one shared goal: ďNo one hurt on my shift today.Ē AED has accomplished an exemplary safety record and continuously improves safety practices utilizing AEDís time-tested means and methods, as evidenced by its low EMR.

As part of its successful safety program, all AED jobsite personnel attend daily safety meetings to ensure continual safety awareness and efficiently distribute important updates and information regarding jobsite conditions. AEDís rigorous safety program has led the company to achieve over 3 years and nearly 1 million work hours without a single lost-time injury.

Safety Program Includes:
  • Real-time, company-wide Intranet system linking to essential safety resources
  • Fully integrated structural engineering department
  • Pre-project planning / Engineering survey
  • Pre-task planning
  • Safety observation reporting
  • Equipment inspections
  • Continual job safety analysis
  • Daily safety meetings
  • Hiring restricted to experienced personnel
  • Company-wide zero-tolerance drug testing

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