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Allied Erecting & Dismatling Co., Inc.
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About us...

Allied Erecting & Dismantling Co., Inc. (AED) specializes in the selective and mass dismantling of complex industrial structures.

Established in 1973, AED has successfully and safely completed some of the largest and most challenging industrial dismantling projects in the U.S. AED utilizes over three decades of heavy industrial dismantling experience while continuously applying new methods and developing state-of-the-art equipment, resulting in a one-of-a-kind combination of technical knowledge, experience, safety and productivity.

Recognized for its innovative dismantling techniques, systems and methodology as specialty contractors, AEDís unique assets include in-depth knowledge and understanding of industrial manufacturing facilities, operations and machinery. AEDís exclusive systems and dismantling techniques are highly effective and continually improving.

With over 30 years of industrial dismantling experience, AED continues to develop innovative methods of dismantling to safely and skillfully provide valuable services to its clients.

AEDís industrial dismantling team is personally committed to safely and efficiently completing all work tasks and projects utilizing innovative dismantling techniques and a highly specialized equipment fleet. AED employs skilled dismantling personnel dedicated to approaching each task as planned. They carry out these tasks by applying the unique processes and methods developed and successfully executed by AED year after year.

All phases of AEDís operations revolve around project safety. AED has achieved an exceptional safety record and continually updates safety programs for ongoing improvement. In fact, AED demands the highest standards of safety and asserts that an outstanding safety record is expected and anything less is unacceptable.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Allied Consolidated Industries, Inc. (ACI), AED also utilizes the expertise of sister companies specializing in services such as scrap processing, structural and civil engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial manufacturing, heavy fabrication and machine shop services.

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